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Meet a Few of Our Bilingual Team Members as We Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month!

Published on Apr 7, 2023 by Dylan Weiher

National Hispanic American Heritage Month takes place from September 15th through October 15th.  What initially started as a week dedicated to honor Hispanic Americans’ histories and cultures in 1968, has grown into a month-long celebration that was written into law in 1988.  The dates were meaningfully picked, with several Latin American countries observing their independence from Spain on September 15th and the majority of Latin America honoring El Día de la Raza (The Day of the People) on October 12th.

In 2020, the census reported that approximately 8% of people living in the Midwest are of Hispanic or Latino origin.  Since 2020, Kunes Auto & RV Group has acquired more stores in the Midwest that are staffed with dedicated employees who are ready to serve customers, including those who speak Spanish.  Kunes even took their services a step further when the Spanish site www.kunescoches.com went live! 


To celebrate National Hispanic American Heritage Month and the launch of our new Spanish auto group site, we asked a few of our bilingual employees about their experience in the auto industry and what kind of advice they’d give to someone who is shopping for a car right now.


You can read about more members of our professional sales team here.


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Aaron Toleski, Sales Professional, Kunes CDJR of Oregon

Aaron Toleski


How long have you worked at Kunes? 

I have worked at Kunes for almost 3 years


What is the most enjoyable part about working here?

The most enjoyable part of working at Kunes is helping customers get into a vehicle and seeing them excited afterwards.


During your time here at Kunes, is there a specific moment that stands out to you from when you helped a customer?

I once helped a family out who had just got to the country and didn’t have any form of transportation. They were paying about $850 a month using Uber and Lyft. When we landed them on a vehicle that was perfect for the family, and they saw what the payment was, they had tears of joy. We saved them about $300 a month that they were able to use for other expenses.


What was your first experience buying a car like and how has it affected you today?

My first time purchasing a vehicle, I was rushed and manipulated on buying a vehicle that was out of my price range and I could barely afford it. I want to be able to help my customers purchase a vehicle in their budget so that they leave pleased with their purchase and a positive customer experience.


What’s the best advice you can give to potential car buyers that are hesitant about buying from a dealership?

Dealerships are legally required to disclose information about the vehicle that private sellers do not.

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